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QuanTimer Benefits

All our trade records are verified by Collective2, an independent third party.

There are many investment service providers who publish their results and track records on their websites, but these are mostly self-reported.  Unless the results are backed up by a well-reputed third party like TimerTrac or Collective2, these results are completely meaningless.  Equally meaningless are the testimonials.  What sets QuanTimer apart from many such vendors and providers of market timing signals is that you can verify yourself all our trades on live signals at Collective2. 

You will always be cocooned from the market downturn.

We employ strict stop loss orders with all our open positions.  The stop loss orders provide the safety net in case the market suddenly turns against our position.  After all no one can guarantee that every signal will be profitable.  But the stop loss orders guarantee an approximate maximum loss that we are willing to accept in a single trade.  Our strategies have been designed to withstand some of these losses when we are stopped out, and still we can be profitable in the long run.

While our intelligent algos do all the thinking, you can sit back, relax and enjoy stress-free trading.


Trading in the capital market is stressful.  On any given day there could be any number of issues related to your personal or professional life that could impair your abilities to think, analyse and make a trading decision.  Why not eliminate all the aggravation and stresses related to trading by following a system that has been carefully designed, thoroughly back tested and is meticulously executed?

You can forget the tedious business of stock picking!  Just trade with a few ETFs like a hedge fund manager.

Many investors falsely believe that the only way one could outperform the market is by picking individual stocks.  While it is possible to outperform the market by picking individual stocks, it is not the only way.  As a matter of fact, there are better ways.  Today we have a large number of ETFs that provide us with diversification.  By using an ETF investors can  essentially invest on hundreds of companies and reduce risks of their portfolios.  Using ETFs also reduce transaction costs.

You can trade with any amount you want, $10 grand or $10 million.

We choose the most liquid ETFs for all our trading systems.  You can, therefore, trade with any amount of your capital.  However, if you have a large amount of capital, we suggest that you diversify among multiple strategies that we offer.  This will smooth out the equity curve of your portfolio.