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QuanTimer QQQ

System Overview

QuanTimer QQQ is a long-only strategy trading QQQ, the ETF tracking Nasdaq 100 index.  This is a sophisticated and extremely effective strategy that is based on the daily chart of QQQ and can be followed easily by spending a few minutes a day.  

The system tries to detect the intermediate-term uptrend in Nasdaq 100 index and remains in the trend for an optimal length of time.  All trades are accompanied by money-management stop-loss orders and also trailing stop-loss orders in order to preserve the gains. 

System Structure
Up to 100% with QQQ
Market Exposure:
Maximum 100% on the long side of Nasdaq 100 index
Recommended Minimum Capital: $10,000.00
Average No. of Round-Trip Trades per Year: 26
Margin Account Required: No
Risk-Reward Metrics: Low risk / modest return
System Performance (hypothetical results in simulation environment)
We have tested the system for the period beginning in 2007.  Based on the back tested results the systems would have survived the financial crisis of 2008.  This is expected to be robust systems to have produced outstanding results for such a long period that has experienced various adverse market conditions in 2008, 2011, 2015 and the beginning of 2016 and 2018.

When you go through the trades list, you will notice that the system remained in cash during all major market corrections in the past.  We have implemented a correction filter that automatically recognises the change in market trend and keeps us in the safety of cash.  

The following have been the yearly returns in our simulation environment.  You may also click on the equity curve to view the performance graphically.    The starting capital in our simulation was $30,000.00.

  • 2018:  22.28%

  • 2017:  26.16%

  • 2016:  25.32%

  • 2015:  18.18%

  • 2014:  18.13%

  • 2013:  31.27%

  • 2012:  27.95%

  • 2011:  11.62%

  • 2010:  24.58%

  • 2009:  36.58%

  • 2008:   3.25%

  • 2007:  25.23%

Max Drawdown: 7%

QuanTimer QQQ Equity Curve.jpg
** 100% Automated Long-only Strategy **