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QuanTimer NQ


System Overview

QuanTimer NQ Interday is an intermediate-term position trading system that trades NQ contracts.  It is a single-strategy system without any scaling, i.e. it is all-in and all-out on the long side of Nasdaq 100 index.  

System Structure
The model system utilises 100% of the equity with 5:1 leverage.  To determine the number of contracts the system multiplies the equity by 5, and divides the result by twenty times the price of one contract.  Consider the following example.
Equity: $250,000.00
Price of one NQ contract: $6600.00
No. of contracts = (5 X $250,000.00) / (20 X $6600.00) = 9.47.
This will be rounded down to 9.
Capital Requirement:
If you want to follow the model system, to determine the capital requirement for one contract you need to multiply the price of one NQ contract by 4.  For example, if the price of one NQ contract is $6500.00, your capital requirement will be $26000.00. 
Margin Account Required: Yes
Risk-Reward Metrics: High risk / very high return
System Performance (hypothetical results in simulation environment)
In our simulation environment we started on the Jan 1st, 2010 with $75,000.00 and 10 contracts.  This matched the set-up at the time the system was launched at Collective2.  We have published the results along with the trades list to give the subscribers some idea about what to expect in the future.  We have made the most pessimistic estimate as regards the slippage and commission, and reduced the returns by 30%. 

The following were the yearly returns in our simulation environment:

                                                 Reduced by 30% to adjust      Slippage/Comm. 

                                                 for slippage and commission   Adjusted

  • 2017:   81.47%           X 0.70                    57.03%

  • 2016:  130.26%           X 0.70                    91.18%

  • 2015:   67.76%           X 0.70                    47.43%

  • 2014:  175.20%           X 0.70                   122.64% 

  • 2013:   87.58%           X 0.70                    61.31%

  • 2012:   53.70%           X 0.70                    37.59%

  • 2011:  157.90%           X 0.70                   110.53%

  • 2010:  100.71%           X 0.70                    70.50%

Drawdown: In eight years of the simulation period the system experienced drawdown exceeding 20% only six times, out of which only twice it exceeded 30% with maximum drawdown reaching 32%.

** 100% Automated * Trades Multiple Contracts of the Same Strategy **

System launched

at Collective2 on

May 15, 2018

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QuanTimer NQ


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