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General Information

Signal Generation and Trade Alerts

Signals are generated after the markets close and are sent out to our subscribers sometime before the markets open for the next session.  Subscribers are expected to spend approximately 10 to 15 minutes setting up all the trades at the time the US equity markets open (9:30 EST).  After that there is no need to monitor anything until the next day.

All orders in our system are good-for-the-day.  However, there is no harm in setting the stop loss orders as good-till-cancel, since sometimes the stop loss price does not change for a few days.

NOTE (** Important **): If you haven't received the portfolio update by 8AM EST, please send us an email immediately.

Order Types (** Important **)

As part of systematic trading all our strategies have been developed to prevent excessive loss in one single trade.  We, therefore, maintain strict stop loss orders.


Most of our orders are buy stop orders.  If the stock opens at or above the buy stop price, the order becomes a market order. In that case you need to subtract the specified amount for stop loss from the opening price. For the correct opening price please refer to Yahoo Finance ( If the opening price is lower than the buy stop price, the order will remain unfilled until the stock rises to the stop price. Once the order is filled, you need to subtract the specified amount for stop loss from the stop price.

Advanced Order Types


Let us start with a real example. Let's say, TQQQ closes at 75 on Monday.


case I. 

On Tuesday morning our system generates the order 'buy TQQQ stop at 76 with stop loss set at 3.50 below the entry price'. Shortly before 9:30 EST we see that TQQQ will open around 76.5.  In this case the order becomes a market order. Shortly after the markets open we check the order status, and see that the order has been filled at 76.40.  We will then subtract 3.50 from 76.40 and set the stop price at 72.90.


case II.

On Tuesday morning our system generates the order 'buy TQQQ stop at 76 with stop loss set at 3.50 below the entry price'. Shortly before 9:30 EST we see that TQQQ will open around 74.  In this case we would like to use advanced order OTO (one triggers the other).  There will be two orders.  The first one will be 'buy TQQQ stop at 76'. The second one will be 'sell TQQQ stop at 72.50'.  The first order should trigger the second one.  The first order is always a good-for-the-day.  If the order has not been filled by the end of the day, both the orders will automatically be cancelled. 


If you feel overwhelmed by order entry or too busy to manage it yourself, please consider autotrading.  Scroll down the page and read more about it.


Autotrading is a technical infrastructure that allows the subscriber to link her account to any of the QuanTimer systems either at Global AutoTrading or Collective2 so that the trade orders are automatically placed in her brokerage account without any manual intervention.  This is ideal for busy professionals who want to invest in QuanTimer systems but do not want to be constrained by the time restriction for placing the orders.

The infrastructure is provided by Global AutoTrading and Collective2, and more information can be found on their sites.  The service is not free.  But this is a flat fee charged for any number of systems. When autotrading is used for multiple systems, the average cost per system turns out be much less than the flat fee.

Investing with QuanTimer (** Important **)


We sincerely appreciate your interest in QuanTimer.  We care about your financial well-being and would like to make sure that you do not have any unpleasant experience, when you start trading QuanTimer systems.  While we are very confident about the long-term profitability of our strategies, it is difficult to predict when exactly we could experience some drawdown.

We strongly recommend that you invest only one-third of your intended capital in the first month, add another one-third after a month, and add the last one-third after two months to get fully invested.  This would be a prudent approach, since it will lessen the impact of drawdown in your portfolio.