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as of Aug 1, 2019

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Welcome to QuanTimer

Dear visitors,

We at QuanTimer have broken the impregnable barrier between the Wall Street firms and average investors by taking some of the most sophisticated materials of quantitative finance and bringing them to the rest of us in a simplified form that is just as easy to follow as the road signs.  We will give you a roadmap for building your assets, and over time you will be able to take advantage of both bull and bear markets by means of timing the market.   

Our mathematical models, built by us from scratch and thoroughly back tested going all the way back to January of 1996, have been able to identify all major market trends, both on the upside as well as the downside.

We have reasons to believe beyond any reasonable doubt that market characteristics can be captured and explained mathematically or rather statistically. However, you do not need to understand advanced mathematics such as matrix algebra, stochastic calculus and difference equation, the discrete form of differential equation used in social science, nor is it necessary to know how to programme Matlab, Stata, Easylanguage or Ninjatrader in order to profit from the market.  We have simplified all of that for you, and will give you the solution in straightforward instructions – when to buy and when to sell.  To keep matters simple, we recommend trading only a few ETFs such as TQQQ, UPRO and QLD.  All that you have to do is to commit to our signals without wavering and without rationalising them.  

Visitors, Take a few moments and review our diversified portfolio with

high yield, low drawdown and verified trade records.

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About QuanTimer

QuanTimer Overview


QuanTimer specialises in research and development of quantitative trading models that are extremely simple to use for the average investors but have been extremely effective in delivering top results.  Our trading models are based on several statistical and regression analyses of the time series of the particular instrument or underlying indices that are used for trading and are coded in the form of algorithmic trading systems which help us to carry out a thorough back test. Signals are generated after the markets close and are sent out to our subscribers sometime before the markets open for the next session.  Subscribers are expected to spend approximately ten minutes setting up all the trades at the time the US equity markets open (9:30 EST), and do nothing for the rest of the day.  

QuanTimer Philosophy


At QuanTimer we strongly believe that the future of trading in the capital market lies in quantitative trading models and automated trading systems that remove all the emotional involvement of a trader. We periodically review our trading strategies to make sure that they remain dynamic and adaptive to changing market conditions and are capable of beating the markets consistently.

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Our subscription rate is $75.00 a month for QuanTimer TQQQ, $75.00 a month for QuanTimer UPRO and QuanTimer QLD, and $80.00 a month for QuanTimer Premier.  We accept payment only through Paypal, where you will have your recurring billing set up.  You will be billed your recurring payment amount every month until you decide to cancel your membership.  

Once you have paid through Paypal, we will be notified by Paypal of your name and email address.  We can then add you to our database, shortly after which we will send you a confirmation notice.  As long as you remain a member, you will continuously receive all the trade alerts and a daily update.

Please note that you can cancel your membership anytime you wish.  You simply have to do it yourself in your Paypal account.  We will never ask you any questions regarding your cancellation.  However, we do not give you any partial refunds for payments already made.  We, therefore, ask you to wait until just before the end of your billing cycle before you cancel your membership.  This way you can still take advantage of your membership for the period that has already been paid for.  Once we receive the notice of your cancellation, you will be removed from our mailing list almost immediately.

Before you proceed with your payment, please read the following two conditions.

1.  You agree that you have read our disclaimer and terms of use.

2. You  agree that you have read the General Information page, and understood all the sections clearly.

3. You agree that any information received from us is for your personal use only and may not be shared with anyone else, nor will it be published, forwarded, or reproduced in any way without our prior written consent.

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